Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Get This

Turns out the evangelical Christians in the US (read, 'nut balls') support giving money to Israel. Why? BECAUSE GOD IS TELL THEM TO (Yes all of them) to do so to the tune of several million dollars. Here's some quotes from the CNN story.

The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs estimates 85 million evangelicals believe God tells them to support Israel -- more than six times the world's Jewish population.

Back in church, Baras told the congregation: "We need to stand together so that our governments will believe that the land of Israel, the entire land of Israel, belongs to the Jewish people."

OK, here's my question. If that land historically belongs to the Jewish people then doesn't the good old US of A belong to the American Indians. Why don't they jump on this one and give away their property to the first Indian they can find and F-ING MOVE TO ISRAEL. Then we won't have these millions of nut cases voting!

God tells them? Where was god when we were wiping out the American Indian. Where was god when we played that little game of Shock and Awe. How about the bombing of Dresden. Or, my favorite, Hiroshima.

How come these people's antennae are so finely tuned so that god tells them exactly what they would have wanted to do anyway without god interferring?

Let's not even get into the whole, "How does the communication process work" thing right now. I just think it is very self-serving and pious to say, "God told me to do this or that". You know that won't keep you out of jail if god tells you to go kill someone. People have tried it. Doesn't work. But why? If the judge and jury all are good christians and some guy says god made me do it, why DON'T they let him off. They must not believe that god speaks to us directly.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

This says it all....

A classic comic in Non Sequitor. Check it out...Nuff said