Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spare Change

It occurred to me the other day that I hadn't written anything lately in this blog. Then it occurred to me that maybe there's nothing new to write. Since religion doesn't change, is against change, and is designed to NOT change it is entirely possible for me to have written everything I want to say. I guess I can just stand by and wait for the various Virgin Mary sightings in various food products in various southern states. I can keep writing about creation "science" but those guys are so boring and transparent that I lack anything new to say. Except. . .

Imaging a field of science where no new discoveries were not only not possible but not even allowed. It's all been explained already - GOD DID IT. And they want the word 'science' in what they're about. As a scientist I'd be insulted but they're all too stupid to even consider. 

So, I'm not folding up my tent but I'll be standing by just in case Jesus H. Christ really DOES make another appearance . . . and not in a plate of mashed potatoes at Denny's (that would be the Tampa Bay Denny's).