Thursday, February 06, 2014

Go For It

Here's the experiment. We'll build two communities. One will be based on logic and polite interaction (so no FOX 'news') and what's best for the most people with individual freedoms paramont without interferring with any other persons freedom. Golden Rule is THE rule. Gross incidents of not playing nice (murder, robbery, etc) gets you extra education until you're ready to rejoin the group.

The other is faith based. They get to pray to make their cars work and pray for their team to win etc. Of course there will be the reasonable among them and that's fine. I'm looking to make a divide between the faithful and athiests and see who can better do the best in education, productivity, fairness, etc.

Of course this is the same as the end of Atlas Shrugged (last chapter = 400 pages? :)) where all the competent people quit and formed their own colony while the rest of the world descends into anarchy.

I'm guessing that the two communities would fare about at well. There would be competent clever people in the faithful group. But it's a tie! The point being that you don't get anything extra out of this world by imagining another magical world overlaid  on top of it. You only get to have a smuggness that you believe you have a leg up on infinity. But you don't.

It's still just us. It's your noisy neighbor, the guy with the stuck car, the guy ripping off Walmart (go dude!), dog people, art people, music people, teachers, the hot dog salesman, the checkout lady at Aldi's. . .. It's still just us and its still just us riding this rock round and round the sun. Imagine what you will. Kill who you will for your pretend friend. Won't change the FACTS one iota.

And when you've completely fucked up this little rock for your pretend friend you can scream at the top of your lungs into the black night for some fucking JUSTICE from the invisibles. The rock keeps rolling and no one hears you and the people you could have helped are already gone.