Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Miracle Mary. . .Ya Hey Der!

This just in. . .well, actually from 1859...

It seems back in 1859 a half blind, Belgian farm girl named Adele Brise had some visions of the Virgin Mary (although the vision said her name was the Queen of Heaven. I imagine her saying that the way guys from Ohio State say THE Ohio State: "THE Queen of Heaven"! Like that). Anyway, Mary told her to teach kids about catholicism (eventhough it hadn't been invented in Mary's time) and that's what she did.

Fast forward to 2010 and the bishop says that these visions have been investigated and according to the bishop 'they are supernatural and "worthy of belief."' That puts this little area of Wisconsin (Cheese!) right up there with other such places where miracles never really occur like Lourdes or Wrigley Field.

From the article. . .

Ricken opened a formal investigation into Brise's visions in January 2009, appointing a committee of three Marian experts who followed guidelines issued by the Vatican in 1978 for judging apparitions and revelations. These committees typically consult experts in psychology, church law, Scripture, history, theology, and testimony from people familiar with the visionary.

In general, church investigators are more "History Detectives," than "Ghost Hunters," to use a television analogy. Supernatural events are almost impossible to prove, said the Rev. Johann Roten, who has served on committees assessing apparitions, so the church is more interested in the consequences of the vision

Oh my. . .where to start?

Let's look at who they are not consulting: scientists, Randi, skeptics in general. You're consulting an expert in psychology? How does that work? To see if it's possible for a non-crazy person to have a vision? Testimony? 1859!!! At this point it wouldn't even be 3rd person testimony it would be 5th generation testimony.

And, my favorite, Supernatural events are almost (but not quite?) impossible to prove. OF COURSE YOU CAN'T PROVE THEM. . . THEY'RE SUPERNATURAL WHICH MEANS OUTSIDE OF LOGIC.

Jeez some people are so thick.

This is a great example of wanting your cake and your virgin too. You want the world to be magical but you'd also like to prove the magic exists using logic but, hey, it's really a faith thing but, and, . . . The Bishop is for it!

I like this. . .

In general, the Catholic Church approaches stories of supernatural visions with a mixture of excitement and caution, scholars say.

Translation: excitement - "We could make a bundle with plastic statues". Caution - "What are the risk/reward numbers?

Once the visionary is dead and gone, if the pilgrimage site continues to have meaning and value for the church it becomes less risky," Britt said, "and even sometimes desirable for the church to offer its endorsement."

Of course it's less risky! You can prop up the half blind, crazy, milk maid as some kind of mother Theresa and no one can challenge that.

What a world. Internet, Mars missions, electric cars. . .and the Virgin Mary in Wisconsin.