Thursday, September 30, 2010

Senate Republicans

This is an update on an earlier blog. I learn today from Phil Plait that EVERY republican senate hopeful is against taking any action on global warming. This is the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Why?


American is broken. When you have evidence in front of you confirming an important topic like global warming but you sense that your team can get more votes by appealing to stupid people, well then the great experiment in democracy is broken.

When your support group is basically people who don't accept evolution, think God lives in the sky, deny global warming, and basically suspect anything that is supported by data. . . well, that's a nice little scary political party you have there.

I'm sad.

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Anonymous said...

I"m sad, too. And angry. And I'm not dropping out of the political process. I'll vote progressive, try to stay informed, and keep talking about what I know is right; but I'm trying hard to stop upsetting myself about the anti-scientific, anti-rational, superstitious thinking all around me in this country. Know what I mean? Life's too short. I"m afraid so much of what is wrong with this country and it's governmental process is just not going to change any time soon. Frustrating!

Rich P