Thursday, June 07, 2012

I'm Not in Norway

What's it like to not be in Norway. This is an odd question. I've never been to Norway. I can't answer by describing how things ARE in Chicago. For all I know they may be exactly the same in Norway. I can't describe what it's like to NOT be in Norway. I only know the positive statements about what it is like to be in Chicago, Indiana, Puerto Rico, . . . the places I've been.

So, what's it like to not be . . . here?

At all.

Well, I've only been here and have no knowledge of not being here so there is no way to answer a question like this. To suggest an answer because the question itself frightens you (ok scares the shit out of you) doesn't mean your answer carries any weight.

Jesus promises everlasting life for those who believe. He rose up out of the grave (allegedly) but no one has ever seen anyone else do it.

No one.

You see it's a faith thing. If you are willing to sacrifice all of your logic and good thinking you'll be rewarded by living for ever. Question: What does Jesus get or not get for our faith? Why does he need that to save you? Why are we 'good' people if we believe the fantastic and 'bad' people if we are skeptical? If we are somehow cursed by having logical brains that can't wrap our minds around crazy thinking about angles, demons and heaven, and hell why not just save us. Hey, who gave us these brains in the first place?

Well, I'm happy to be here and when I'm not here maybe that will be like not being in Norway.


Rich Pope said...

I liked what Sam Harris said recently about what it'll be like after death. It's NOTHING. And people can't handle the nothingness of nothing. They try to make something out of nothing!

Rich Pope said...

Also: I've been in Norway. Nice. Parts of it are like the UP of Michigan and parts are like Alaska, so if you don't get there, not a huge deal.

And here's another favorite quote: Why would an all-powerful god become flesh in order to sacrifice himself to himself so that his creation might escape the wrath of himself? Couldn’t this god, in his infinite wisdom, come up with something a little more efficient?” (Omphaloskeptic2, from “Godless Geeks” website).