Sunday, May 19, 2013


Wow, this guys true story about going to heaven has been on the best seller list for 27 weeks! Hmmm...

Well, who doesn't like a good story! If you take solace in this or as affirmation that heaven exists then good for you. I'm not against anyone finding a little peace when thinking of the long, long sleep.

Of course all the popular accounts of people going to heaven are from people who are alive. So. . . there's that. Don't you really, really have to die to go to heaven? Better evidence of heaven would be a visit and first hand account from, say, Abe Lincoln. Or Einstein. Someone who is completely dead.

I'll be waiting for that and in the meantime I'll stick with what I told my daughter when she asked me what it was going to be like when she was dead. I told her it would be as good or bad as the year 1965 was for her (she was born in 1979). Were you miserable when you didn't exist? No. So, get ready to not be miserable again!

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Rich Pope said...

I missed this article, since I don't have "BeliefBlog" bookmarked.

Rich P