Monday, October 06, 2008

Well now. The Pope is going to start a weekend long 'Reading of the Bible'. That's nice. It's the word of God you know except that


So nice that the guy who is in charge of billions of Catholics is doing this. Let's not worry about how to feed those parishinors (who in the hell would even try to feed the masses?). Let's not even try to promote world peace. Naw. John Lennon was in charge of that apparently. While we're at it, let's tell indigent, undeducated, third world familiies that MORE KIDS IS A GOOD IDEA! Then let's sit back in our throne in the Vatican (The Popes on freaking COUNTRY) and contemplate how close we are to the lord. Finally, let's read the bible. All of it. How sweet.

[right here I threw up in my mouth a little]

I want to go on a multi-page rant about all the inconsistancies in the bible and what a waste of time to read it outloud but I've done that. Many before me have done that. Thousands of web sites are devoted to nothing but that. So without speaking to any of those inconsistancies specifically, let me just ask how you hang your faith on such a poorly written and full-of-holes document? I really want to know.

OK, Read on your holliness!

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Anonymous said...

Good stuff! And, everybody, whether you are a "believer" or not, try to see Bill Maher's movie: "Religulous". It is brilliant. Lots of laughs and lots to think about about the silliness that is religion! I would think that some people of faith will, upon seeing the movie, take their first baby steps toward "deconversion".

Rich P